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Top Irvine California Business Consultant

Whether you are just starting out as an entrepreneur or you are an established small business, you need the Top Irvine California Business Consultant, Proposals, & Business Planto help you get get funded from the SBA or investors.

Your vision and ideas need to be manifested into something that will get you on the radar of investors who will understand that you have gone above and beyond your comfort zone in being prepared for a funding round.

Whether you are raising money for the first time or the tenth time, the convergence of the investment world with companies needing capital has evolved into a more transparent and social hierarchy of what separates entrepreneurs who close vs. those that are still knocking on investor doors.

While many any other business plan companies and consultants take a very short term and passive approach in working with clients, in certain instances if we fall in love with an idea and a team, we may discount our normal fees in exchange for some sweat equity.


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