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Interim Co-Founder

Many entrepreneurs with great ideas sometimes need to fill in the blanks when it comes to aligning themselves with a management team or another co-founder that will add value to their vision.

Sometimes, the difference in getting funded and spending a long time wondering why the checks have not cleared is a matter of letting go to an emotional attachment to an idea that may be causing blockages in your funding success.

Our interim co-founder services can align with the seeds of your vision to help manifest a successful outcome.

Because of time limitations, we are extremely selective on the engagements and entrepreneurs that we decide to partner up with and dedicate our focus to.

Nonetheless, we always believe that our involvement in the next great startup that may be a game changing (or world changing) idea is always worth exploring.

If you have either previously raised an angel round or have allocated available resources specific to working with a co-founder, please contact us at yrutman@72equity.com or 310-651-0799.