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Why Logic Will Fail You As An Entrepreneur

The most successful entrepreneurs in history had to fail thousands of times before one of their ideas finally took off.  Whether it was a product, brand, or idea, the underlying fire in their belly was NOT based on logical thinking, but having a vision that defied all rational logic. While a certain level of practical thinking needs to be in place, over analyzing business goals will always limit your big picture vision.

Some of the most smartest and talented people on the planet never reach their full potential in life, nor even go out of their comfort zone to try.

They micro manage every idea they have and counter it with inner voices that they developed from their childhood.  If their parents were control freaks who did not allow them to blossom and keep their free will, they tend to put a lot of brakes on ideas or even attempting to close things and self sabotage deals and opportunities.

“You are unrealistic” or “You are a dreamer” or “Get a real job” are all inner voices that aspiring entrepreneurs need to completely erase from their mindset when trying to launch a venture and find investors.

Creating something from nothing is the most illogical thing any human being can do and graveyards are filled with millions of unknown names who never ventured to try anything new and tap into their own potential.

In 2018, we are living in a time where launching a company or a startup is no longer limited to your background, economic conditions, gender, race, political affiliations, or even locations in the world.

Just look at the rise in ICO’s and crypto financing where a majority of a team is spread out remotely all over the world.

Now, not every business can expect to succeed with remote teams, but the point is if someone wanted to raise money online 20 years ago for a startup, can you imagine how much laughter and resistance they would have from angel investors, VC, and even lenders.  It would be “illogical”.

With the advances in technology, nothing is beyond the grasp of entrepreneurs.

But once your idea is formulated, you can need to have a clear vision and certainty beyond logic to execute it and raise the financing.  No one can predict if the first investor or the 50th investor will be the one to write you a check, so you need to be in a “I will see it and believe it” mode versus “I will believe it when I see it”, the latter is  self sabotaging for your subconscious mind.

So get out there and make it happen.  Put your idea into action, create a business plan, find investors, and never let logic dictate your big picture dreams.