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Medical Practice Social Media Marketing Campaigns & Strategies can provide an enormous amount of value to physicians and medical practices in various ways that enhances established and new patient synergies.  Especially For  Physician & Medical Social Media Marketing

In 2012, Two reports from large consulting organizations  looked at ways in which social media marketing campaigns  can exceed business objectives and levels of patient trust.

The PwC Health Research Institute,  &  CSC’s Global Institute for Emerging Healthcare Practices, looked at social media as a valuable business intelligence tool, a customer service tool, and even an avenue for reporting that could lead to better care and improved outcomes.  This creates a win-win situation for both physicians and new and prospective patients.

“Increasingly, I think the progressive physicians are more focused on the customer experience and how they can differentiate themselves from other physicians, not just from a clinical perspective but from the overall engagement perspective,” said Karla Anderson, partner in PwC’s Health Industries practice. Social media “does give them a sort of easy way, with not a lot of effort, to find … what their customers care about. You can listen and learn and use that to further enhance your practice,” Anderson said.

How can doctors use social media in new ways? Various Social Media & Medical Marketing Experts reference several levels of opportunities.

Investigate & Discover What Is Needed And What Is In Demand

Physicians can gain insight into what patients are willing to do to improve their health and what obstacles stand in their way.  Social media strategies can be an  outlet to find out what services and events interest people.  Posting phots on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest can establish a patient reference on their questions and answers collectively.

A lot of trends developing on Twitter could indicate a need in the community for a specific illness. From a social media content perspective, a community could benefit from doctors posting more information about an illness.  From a business perspective, the conversations could help guide product or service development efforts within that practice.

Even small physician practice might can manage social media efforts effectively with the right Social Media company that is outsourced.

Customer Service Improvement

Medical Practices that outsource social media & online reputation management can immediately respond to both positive & negative comments that appear about them which internally gives them more intel to better their infrastructures.

In an age of transparency, even certain imperfections can be addressed online which give a physician a more personalized dialogue with patients.

Medication Feedback

Feedback on therapies & pharmaceutical is one of the most valuable uses for social media  that can be administered without much effort.

Monitoring Twitter regarding certain drugs and patient reactions to it is informative for physicians to share any info on their social media outreach platforms sucha s Facebook, Quora, and other places.  As well as offering alternatives if there is a growing concern over side effects.

Quality Improvements

Social media makes it easy for practices to see how they compare with others in the region in terms of what they offer and how satisfied their patients are. Observing the competition’s social media sites will give practices a glimpse inside their spaces. Monitoring the social media activities of others also can give medical practices that are just starting online campaigns a powerful competition analysis tool.

If you are a medical practitioner and are looking for a powerful way to increase your practice, while knowing its competition neutral, please contact us at 310-651-0799.  Competition neutral social media means we will not be engaged by any of your competitors within a certain area unlike a lot of other social media companies that use a boiler room approach in taking on the same type of practices in a city .

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