How To Write A Business Plan To Get Investors

Writing business plans to get investors seems relatively easy.  All you need is a business idea, download an expensive and professional business plan software, and start typing away. Once you are done, you can print it out and sent to investors and that’s it.  Or you search for “how to write a business plan to get investors” and think magical answers will appear.


A comprehensive business plan needs to be written without any subjective tones that reflect your dreams and needs to focus on having a clear and concise message that resonates with investors.

Most angel investors and VC review thousands of business plans every year and while a lot of them have unique ideas, the way they are written does not necessarily reflect realistic financials and language they understand.

I had so many clients come to me after taking a shot and writing a business plan themselves and getting shot down.

The common denominator was that most entrepreneurs who write their own business plans are too emotionally invested and attached to getting their ideas funded, that they over estimate and over hype their goals, which turns investors off.

Further, I see so many simple things as grammar, spelling typos, and other things that deviate from the true intent.

There are many slick business plan software companies online that do have quality preparation software, but not everyone who downloads Final Cut Pro can edit Hollywood movies, and the same goes for business plan software.

Whether someone is a first time entrepreneur or even a seasoned one, having a third party business plan consultant on your team is as vital as having key co founders and advisors for your company.

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Yuri Rutman

More than 15 years experience preparing investor ready business plans, consulting on capital raises,and being an entrepreneur and Co-Founder with a few startups.