Expert Business Plans, PPMS, Pitchdecks Written By Professional Private Equity Executives Caters to Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, & Established Companies

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72 Equity specifically caters to the needs of start-up companies and entrepreneurs that need a professional business plan & PPM to raise capital on sites like,, and others.

Most first time entrepreneurs think that writing a business plan from some template they downloaded online is all they need to raise money. But in reality there needs to be a more comprehensive approach that makes it easier for investors to write a check.

Regulation D, Rule 504, 505, or 506?

LLC Units or Convertible Cumulative Preferred Stock? Capital Protected Strategies And Risk Minimization?

1 Year, 3 Year, 5 year pro-formas?The options can be endless for entrepreneurs who have a great idea, but don’t always have the $15,000 – $25,000 that most securities lawyers will charge to take their business plan and transform it into a marketable securities offering and private placement memorandum.

72 Equity can provide custom tailored business plans and private placements for a fraction of the cost.

Most business plan writing companies have a boilerplate mentally. They take your notes and a few weeks later they say “good luck’.

At 72 Equity, we recommend structures that will increase your likelihood of getting investors and gearing you up for long term success. We even tell you where to find investors using social media and other techniques.
If you have an imminent need for a professional expert business plan or PPM or Pitchdeck to raise money from Angel Investors or Venture Capital or SBA loans, please contact us for a free consultation at 310-651-0799.
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Yuri Rutman

More than 15 years experience preparing investor ready business plans, consulting on capital raises,and being an entrepreneur and Co-Founder with a few startups.