Before You Download A Business Plan Template

Before you download a business plan template to fill in the blanks, stop yourself and ask how many other thousands of people have downloaded the same business plan template?

Many entrepreneurs think that by downloading a template, it is all that is required of them to write a professional investor ready business plan and get funded.

Most experienced angel investors, lenders, and VC are pretty savvy in determining which entrepreneurs did their homework with a custom developed business plan, marketing plan, financials, valuation, exit strategies, management team, etc. vs. a carbon copy general fill-in-the blanks form.

Rome was not built in a day, neither was the United States, and neither was any billion dollar company.

There is a considerable amount of research and information that needs to be prepared before putting together a proposal that has any chance of getting funded.

The easy way out is, out.

Unless an entrepreneur has prepared business plans in the past that received funding, hiring an expert business plan company is an affordable option that needs to be budgeted for.

Many entrepreneurs allocate thousands of dollars for attorneys, CPA’s, web designers, but want to skimp on the seeds that will make their business plan get funded.

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About the Author

Yuri Rutman

More than 15 years experience preparing investor ready business plans, consulting on capital raises,and being an entrepreneur and Co-Founder with a few startups.